How To Make Your Own Boot logo For Redmi 4

BootLogo, Not Bootanimation

Hey Fellas This is My first post on this blog, so i thought doing something with my phone.
As we all know Redmi 4 Is a pretty famous phone by MI in the range Of 7K And is still Making its market well.

Firstly This Project is not mine i am just sharing it thanks to the XDA dev for mking this possible.

Download The Redmi 4X bootlogo / splash screen Maker from below,
Extract the File.

Paste the Pic in input folder and name it as "logo".jpg/.jpeg/.png

And open Logo maker.exe
If you want the Flashable Zip than type yes in the cmd prompt
And get the flashable zip from the output folder you're done.

Remember Make the file size of the logo as less as you can.

Redmi 4X santoni bootlogo maker

Thanx for reading