An open letter :)

To the girl that feels too deeply,

How are you ? I hope you're doing well. Didn't recognize me ? I was one of you a few days back. Nah, don't feel shocked, I am doing pretty well now. I laugh a lot, I dance around and feel happy most of the time. Trust me that phase has passed. 

I know how it feels, not being able to dail the same number again, knowing you'll receive a tone saying "this number doesn't exist. I know you have still not recovered from loss of your beloved friend. I know you're fighting a lot. I know you  cry yourself to sleep. I know you feel lost and dizzy like you've no reason to live. Like you've lost everything you owned. I know that feel. But guess what ? You can never lose the thing that you've never owned. You're loving and caring, sweet and generous and I know you're a fighter. 

Listen, it's okay to feel deeply, it's okay to cry, it's okay to feel vulnerable and weak. But never let somebody else take over your life. You're strong and beautiful and lovely. You just need to realize that.  
I admire your strength. I know how strong you are because I am one of you and I am learning the power of my strength every day.
I know who you're and I know you'll be just fine. 
Take care.